EASD Code of Conduct

We are pleased to share our Easton Area School District Code of Conduct with you. The Code of Conduct Committee, a subcommittee of the EASD Citizenship Committee, contributed significantly to this document. This subcommittee will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of the Code of Conduct through varied stakeholders: parents, students, teachers and administrators.

There are some very important inclusions to the Code of Conduct:

  1. Excerpts of the board policy are included within this document. The full policies can be found online at www.eastonsd.org or you may request copies from your building principal.

  2. Responsibilities of students, parents/guardians, faculty/staff and administrators are clearly stated.

  3. Charts make it clearer to see what consequences are imposed when the Code of Conduct is not followed. These charts cover the four levels of infractions.

A safe and productive learning environment is important for the success of our students. It is important we work together to ensure that safety. We need cooperation from all students, parents, guardians, administrators, teachers, support staff and the community at large to enforce the Code of Conduct. We also appreciate our many community partners who contribute to the safety of our schools in the community. 

Click here to download the full Code of Conduct.