School Nursing

The goal of EASD school health services is to secure and promote health, wellness and safety, so that all may achieve their optimal potential. These health services include: 

  • Health Screenings (Growth, Vision, Hearing)
  • Health Assessments for Acute and Chronic Health Concerns
  • First Aid
  • Medication Administration
  • Skilled Nursing Case Management for Students with Medical Needs
  • Coordination of Physical and Dental Exams
  • Enforcement of Pennsylvania Department of Health Codes and Immunization Compliance
  • Health Teaching
  • Counseling and Support
  • Referral to Community Resources
  • Participation in EASD Health and Safety Committees
  • Leadership in EASD Wellness Initiatives


Read Colleague Corner to learn more about school nursing at EASD. 


Visit PA Dept. of Health, School Section 


School Nursing Team Members

 Building  Certified School Nurse  eMail
 Cheston  Kathleen Biggs
 Forks  Diane Azzolina
 March  Lauren Wieder
 Palmer    Lisa Lutes-Virgilio
 Paxinosa  Kim Febbo
 Shawnee  Irene Panto
 Tracy  Jo-Ann Velas
 EAA  Jo-Ann Velas
 EAMS 5/6  Cindy Matyus
 EAMS 7/8  Donna Evans
 EAHS 9/10  Judith Keretz
 EAHS 11/12  Sally Ann Pavlik
 District K-12  Deirdre Darragh

Nursing Team Assistants

 Building  Nurse Assistant  eMail
 Palmer/Pax  Annette Gearinger
 Tracy/EAA  Marianne Rush, RN
 EAMS 5/6  Kim Helfrich, RN
 EAMS 7/8  Helen Border
 EAHS  Barbara Gardiner, RN
 District  Michelle Fehnel, RN