The integration of technology into our schools, our curriculum and the lives of our staff and students in Easton has been a smooth, gradual process over the course of many years. Easton is blessed with a well-trained and energetic technology staff that is always ready to take things to the next level and do what is best for the future of our students. 

We hope to continue changing our schools for the better as the world changes around us. 


The information shared with you during the Education Technology
is available here in PDF format.


Need help with your technology?  Here are some quickstarts and links with valuable information!

Moving Data
Time Machine
Moving Data 
Selecting Data
MacBook Care
Mac 101 for new Mac users

Tutorials can be accessed via Atomic Learning 

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The Elementary Tech News Newsletter will be published monthly, and will include technology integration ideas, links for shared Google projects, and "4 Quick Clicks" with apps, websites and more.

April 2015 


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Teacher Leave Information

EASD teachers who take a leave longer than 45 days will need to hand in their laptop to be utilized by the teacher who is substituting in his/her classroom.  Please note that this does include sabbatical leaves.  Teacher leaves of less than 45 days will be permitted to keep their laptop and substitutes will be asked to utilize a sub laptop from the office.  

A copy of the laptop agreement can be found here