Tips and tricks to try before you ask for help...

**** Help Desk is for school principals, secretaries, and EASD teachers.  Ed Center staff, continue to report issues to the technology secretary. Non-EASD Staff (including IU), Paraprofessionals, Lunch Staff, and Custodians please have your building secretary enter your requests. 


  • Never move any equipment or wires without the assistance of the technology department.    
  • When adding requests for multiple items, enter separate requests under the appropriate request types.
  • If unsure of which request type to choose, please visit the Help Desk Tutorial page.  


  • Confirm that it is plugged in (network wire and electrical) and turned on.
  • Confirm that there is paper in the drawer and that the tray is closed properly.
  • On your computer, look toward the right side of the dock to find the printer icon.
    Click on it to see if it says printing is paused.  If so, choose resume.
  • If none of the above suggestions help, print to another printer in a nearby location.
    Then, submit a Help Desk request.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

Many issues are fixed by restarting your computer. Please restart FIRST.

Also, many issues are fixed via software updates. Be sure to install software updates whenever prompted by your laptop or choose "Software Update" from your Apple menu regularly to keep your software current.

    Internet Issues (in-school only)

  • Click the airport signal strength icon in the menu bar to be sure EASDSTAFF is selected. 
    If it is not selected, click on EASDSTAFF (EASDDATA for students). Do not choose Guest_EASD.
  • Try turning your airport off and then on again:  Go to the signal strength icon in the menu bar, click "turn airport off" then go back again and choose "turn airport on."
  • Try another browser (if you have Safari open, try Firefox instead, or vice-versa)

    Wireless not working - EMERGENCY ONLY

  • If your computer will not connect wirelessly to the network, plug in an ethernet cable to your laptop.  You may remove a cable from the back of the printer if needed, but remember to replace it as soon as you are finished with it! You will not be able to print to your printer while using the cable in your laptop.

    Spinning beachball

  • Occasionally you will see the spinning beach ball appear.  Be patient. Allow a minute to pass and if it does not go away on its own, hold down the command-option-escape keys simultaneously.  A menu will appear that will allow you to force quit the application that is not responding.  Choose the application, click force quit, and then close that window.

    Laptop unresponsive (frozen)

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 - 15 seconds and then press again to turn it on.

    Laptop won't turn on

  • Plug in your laptop to make sure your battery is charged. Give it time.
  • If it will still not turn on after 30 minutes of charging, submit a Help Desk Request.   

    Laptop slowness

  • Check your dock to see how many applications you have open.  Close those that are not needed.
  • Restart the laptop
  • Check disk space. If your hard drive is almost full, consider purchasing a USB external hard drive  to store large files.
  • Limit the number of files and documents saved to your desktop. Move files into your Documents, Photos, Music or Movies folder.

    Battery capacity

  • If your battery does not seem to hold a charge for long periods, try dimming the display (F1).
  • Recalibrate the battery.  Plug in the power adapter and charge the battery fully.  Disconnect the power adapter and use the laptop until computer goes to sleep, and the battery is sufficiently drained.  Connect the adapter again and recharge fully.
  • Use your battery as much as possible. Working always plugged in to power will drain the battery capacity.


  • If you would like to make adjustments so that your trackpad functions differently, go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and Trackpad.   Adjust the tracking, scrolling and double click speed as needed. 
  • If you find that you are zooming in when you don't want to, or if you don't like the functions of the multitouch trackpad, go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and uncheck any of the features you do not like. (example: if you don't like the zoom, uncheck Screen Zoom)

Login issues

  • Are you using the correct username and password? Double check...
  • Make sure caps lock is turned off before typing username and password.

    For student logins: 

  • Confirm that another student can login on the same computer.  If no student can login on the computer, report this as a laptop or desktop issue in Help Desk.
  • If most students can login to the computer, but one student login does not work,  report this as a student login issue in Help Desk. Then have that student login as guest and leave password blank until the login issue is fixed. (NOTE: Any documents created under the guest login will be deleted automatically upon logout. If you need to save work, use a flash drive or attach it to an email.)
  • If many students cannot login to any computer, contact your building secretary and notify her of the problem. Secretaries please call the Technology Department at 35050 to report this issue. This may also be reported in Help Desk when necessary.


Missing Items: 

Damage, vandalism, loss, or theft of a laptop or other equipment should be immediately reported to the security department (incident report), building administrator and technology department (x35050)

Other Emergencies:

  • Examples: server down, power outage, internet/wireless down
  • Teachers report emergencies to principal or secretary - not technology directly
  • Building Principal or Secretary contact the Technology Department at x35050

Issues not reported in Help Desk

Call Technology Secretary 35050 for:

  • Sub Secretary Access 

Xerox Copier Repairs: Building secretaries contact Xerox directly. Request Xerox Toner through Help Desk.

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