Laptops K - 12

For more than ten years, the Easton Area School District has integrated technology using a laptop cart model, so that teachers can bring technology into their classrooms.  At times, laptops are used in small groups or learning centers, providing a station where students can work either with or without their teacher.  Laptops are also used for whole group lessons to supplement the curriculum.

There are multiple carts in each of our elementary schools, with most schools having one cart per grade level.  Ipads have now replaced laptops in grades K and 1, however laptops remain in grades 2, 3 and 4.  Students in grades 2 through 12 will be utilizing Google Apps for Education starting in 2015.

In the middle schools and at EAA, carts are used within teams and departments.  The math cart is shared among the math teacher, science cart with science teachers, etc.  At the middle school, there are also 8 carts of iPads to supplement the curriculum.

At the high school, our laptop carts are utilized in a similar way to what is done at the middle school level. iPad carts have been introduced there as well, with seven carts shared within the building by department.  Through student-centered, project-based learning such as movies, podcasts, slide shows, blogs, spreadsheets, and graphic design, students learn the standards in all curricular areas with a new level of excitement as well as develop technological skills for their future. From the beginning planning stages to the final presentations, technology rich projects motivate students to want to learn, take initiative, and be proud of their accomplishments. Likewise, when teachers see the change in their students’ interest level and productivity, they begin to understand why this is a necessary change in our schools and become motivated to integrate into more and more of their lessons.


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