iPads K - 12

In the Easton Area School District, students use iPads as just one of many technological tools to infuse technology into learning.  We have implemented iPads throughout the school district, in grades K - 12.

We believe that students can use iPads to demonstrate mastery of learned objectives, and that the tools, features and apps can help students to develop or demonstrate their level of understanding of learning objectives.

The SAMR model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, is a framework that provides a lens for viewing technology integration in the classroom.

S - Substitution (substituting one technology option for another)

A - Augmentation (technology is a substitute but some new functionality is introduced, with options for sharing, etc)

M - Modification (learning is transformed as technology is used more effectively, using different tools to enhance learning)

R - Redefinition (high order thinking skills, students use technology to create something new) 

Substitution and Augmentation levels are basically enhancements to what teachers have always done, with some slight changes.  Modification and Redefinition levels are more transformative, and provide different tools and higher level thinking skills to transform learning.  With the mobility of iPads and laptops, student learning can move from the classroom to wherever the lesson takes them... providing real-time learning.  Below are some app suggestions sorted by SAMR level, courtesy of Thinglink:





Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will be using iPads in the EASD?

iPads have been in place K-12 in Easton for several years.  Prior to the 2014 - 2015 school year, there was one iPad cart that traveled to the seven elementary school, there were four iPad carts in grades 5-8 and seven carts at EAHS.  Beginning in August, 2014, 14 additional iPad carts were made available for grades K and 1 at the elementary schools  At this time, iPads are shared and will not go home with students.  When school starts in 2015, the Easton Area Middle School campus will have doubled the number of iPad carts available, four for grades 5 and 6 and 4 for grades 7 and 8.

How much time will the children spend using the iPads?

Classroom teachers will integrate the iPads into their curriculum, so the amount of time spent using this technology will depend on the classroom teachers. iPads work nicely in center situations so that teachers who utilize learning centers may choose to have one center set aside for iPads.

Which apps will be used?

An app committee comprised of Kindergarten and Grade One teachers worked with our Educational Technology Specialist to find apps that addressed a variety of purposes, ranging from subject area (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies) to holidays, and the goal was to meet different levels of the SAMR model so that higher order thinking skills were covered as well as basic skill and drill.

How will the iPads be used?

Depending on the teacher and the lesson, the iPads may be used for whole group instruction, for small groups, or even for differentiated instruction at individual levels.