Through our belief that the curriculum should drive the use of technology, the accessibility and portability of the laptop carts, iPad carts and other devices make it possible for teachers to bring technology into their own classroom curriculum. Today’s student understands technology because it surrounds them in the outside world. Surrounding them with it in the classroom creates the opportunity for students to take control of their own learning. Through student-centered, project-based learning such as movies, podcasts, slide shows, blogs, spreadsheets, and graphic design, students learn the standards in all curricular areas with a new level of excitement as well as develop technological skills for their future. From the beginning planning stages to the final presentations, technology rich projects motivate students to want to learn, take initiative, and be proud of their accomplishments. Likewise, when teachers see the change in their students’ interest level and productivity, they begin to understand why this is a necessary change in our schools and become motivated to integrate into more and more of their lessons. 

Teachers monitor the progress toward these standards using the EASD Technology Benchmarks: 

Kindergarten to 4th Grade

 5th to 6th Grade

7th to 8th Grade

 9th to 12th Grade