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One of the blatant results of the technology explosion in the EASD has been the realization that students need more than the traditional classroom experience. Today’s students are different than students 15-20  years ago. As a result, they, at times, feel disconnected from schools that were designed for another generation. For many students, the school experience is impersonal and irrelevant to their real-world struggles. Once students become disengaged from learning, they greatly increase their chances for dropping out. Like it or not, we cannot ignore that we are dealing with the digital student. This “digitalness” has been nurtured and enabled from a very young age. From Nintendo, MTV, email, Instant Messenger, cell phones, text messaging, blogging, and more, this digital generation takes in and responds to rapidly transmitted sights and sounds.  These digital natives are multitaskers, hyper-communicators, and goal oriented.   Digital natives have a hard time staying positive about school. Students of this generation seem to be born with the need to be empowered and engaged in the learning and want to take responsibility for it. Our challenge as educators is to bridge this digital gap.

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