Alternative Education

Alternative Education programs within the Easton Area School District provide an increased service environment to students at-risk for school drop out and those not maximizing their potential for school success.  Such students may be in need of a more individualized and supportive approach to their schooling.  The philosophy around alternative education is small class size, individualized and differentiated instruction, and being able to meet the immediate needs of the student population.  Students also receive intense behavior modification counseling aimed to assist them in a successful return to the regular classroom.  The alternative education program within the Easton Area School District is the Easton Area Academy.

History of alternative education in the Easton Area School District

Beginning in 1999, Easton Area School District started the Shawnee Success Academy.  This program served students in grades 6-8 at an off-site location in the City of Easton.  In 2004, the District began the Twilight Academy, which served students in grades 9-12 in the after-school hours at Easton Area High School.  In 2007, the Success Academy and Twilight Academy merged to create Easton Area Academy, which serves students in grades 6 - 12.