Certification Information

Certification Information: 

To secure a teaching position with the Easton Area School District you must posses a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate.

Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established a new on-line operating system for administering and managing educator information.  This replaces the Teacher Certification System (TCS) previously used to view and verify educator credentials.  In order to update your current educator profile/demographics and submit applications, you must register for a log-in at the PDE website at www.education.state.pa.us.   Once you obtain a log-in from PDE (this could take up to 24 hours to process) you will have access to view/edit your profile and submit online applications.

Level II Applications, Add-on Certifications, Name/Address Changes

The new online Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) was launched on December 19, 2011.  All applications for teacher/educator certification must be submitted online through TIMS.  This new system must be used by educators for certification applications, add-ons, name changes, address changes, etc.   Paper applications will no longer be accepted.   To learn more and about TIMS, go to www.PA-TIMS.com

To complete an online application, please sign into PDE with your log-in and click “new credential application” on your educator home page and complete the appropriate application.  Please remember to choose Easton Area School District as your LEA and give permission for us to review your work history and make final submission to PDE.  You can check your application status through the TIMS site.

Application Processing Updates
(click here for details about the Certification Application Fee Increase effective 8/1/13)

Please allow ten (10) weeks for application processing once all needed documentation has been received by PDE.

Paper applications are NO LONGER required or accepted.  However, TIMS does require that some proof items be mailed to PE with the signed cover sheet.

If you status reads, “Pending Documentation,” this may mean that your paper documents have not yet been scanned into TIMS.  PDE is currently scanning paper applications received during the first week of January.

TIMS will be unavailable on Fridays from 7:30- 8:00 a.m. for updates

PDE Help and Support

TIMS will be using a help desk support system to track all issues within TIMS, ALL questions concerning TIMS must be submitted through the help desk support system.  The system may be accessed on the Department of Education Help & Support Page and then using the Help Desk Support link. Click here

Note:  If you are having a problem with your login id or basic permission issues, please call, 888-498-8129.  This includes issues with existing passwords, new passwords, forgotten passwords, and creating new accounts-email addresses already on file.  Remember:  Please wait at least 30 minutes before using a new password sent to you via the “Forgot Password” help option.

To view TIMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) please click here.