Program Overview

The Easton Area School District ESL Program is designed to help English language learners in grades K-12. Through this program our students will attain linguistic competence as well as develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies.

Research into second language acquisition shows that learners go through stages of second language acquisition. The instructional objectives stated in the ESL program take these varying stages into consideration. 

Objectives have been designed to be more linguistically and cognitively challenging as students advance in their levels of English proficiency.  The program follows a pattern that comprehension precedes language production, placing a great deal of emphasis on listening skills and comprehensible input by the instructor.  Audiovisual aids, body language and realistic settings are encouraged in order to make language understandable by the students.  As long as students understand language through context, the teacher can use language constructions not yet acquired to help the learners advance to the next level of acquisition.

Reading and writing skills are integrated into the program.  A standards based curriculum is used to develop students’ reading and writing skills at all levels of language proficiency. Oral discussion, brainstorming and group-writing projects are commonly used at pre-writing levels.

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This program utilizes varied resources to meet students’ needs:
• Standards based textbooks at all grade levels
• Computer technology
• Read 180 
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