Exit Policy

Exit Criteria for Pennsylvania's English Language Instructional Programs
for English Language Learners

Program exit from the Pennsylvania English language instructional program for English language learners takes place annually between June and September.  LEP status of students for the current school year must be determined by September 30 and reported in the PIMS October District and School Enrollment Collection.  Students reported as current English language learners in the PIMS October District and School Enrollment Collection cannot exit the English language instructional program from October until June. 

In order to meet the required state exit criteria for Pennsylvania’s English language instructional programs for ELLs, LEAs must use both of the required exit criteria listed below. In addition, LEAs must ensure that students meet one of the two additional exit criteria provided below to exit from an English language instructional program.


1. Score of BASIC on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Math or Algebra I  
AND PSSA Reading or Literature Keystone
      • PSSA and Keystone exam scores must be from the most recent academic school year.
Special Circumstances:
      • For students transferring from other states, the results of academic achievement assessments used for accountability in other states may be considered when the academic proficiency  level is comparable to BASIC on the PSSA/Keystone assessments.
      • For students that are in a grade that is not assessed with a PSSA or Keystone assessment, each of the remaining exit criteria must be met to exit (Required Exit Criteria #2, Addional Exit Criteria #1, Additional Exit criteria #2).
2. Accountability score of 5.0 on an ACCESS for ELLs Kindergarten assessment OR  score of

    5.0 on a Tier C ACCESS for ELLs assessment.

Special Circumstances:

         A.  Following the scoring criteria in the table below, the W-APT may be administered between June and september to students who scored below the minimum cutoff for program exit on the January administration of the ACCESS in order to demonstrate sufficient progress to justify exit.  

NOTE: The W-APT may ONLY be administered to a student once in any school year. 

 Grade Level


 Required W-APT Scores*

 K Cut-off flexibility not allowable for Kindergartners
 1-5 4.6-4.9 5.0 in each domain
 6-8 4.7-4.9  5.0 in each domain
 9-12 4.8-4.9  5.0 in each domain

*A student must score 5.0 in each domain (listening, speaking, reading and writing).  A composite proficiency will not be used. 

         B.  A score of PROFICIENT on the Reading PSSA or  Literature Keystone assessments can be used along with all other required criteria outlined in this policy (Required Exit Criteria #1 and Additional Exit Criteria #1 or #2) to justify exit for students who achieve a composite proficiency score of 4.5 to 4.9 on the January administration of  the ACCESS.  In this case, W-APT scores are not necessary to demonstrate progress from the time of ACCESS administration to the end of the school year.  

Additional Exit Criteria:

  1. Final grades of C or better in core subject areas (Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies). 
  2. Scores on district-wide assessments that are comparable to the BASIC performance level on the PSSA Math or Algebra I Keystone AND PSSA Reading or Literature Keystone assessments.

 EASD Notes:
When students exit the ESOL program it will be noted on their cumulative folder.

As per federal requirements, students will be monitored for 2 years after exiting from the program, in order to chart continued progress.