Excellence by Design

Excellence by Design

The Easton Area School District goes through a process each year to complete a Strategic Plan which outlines planned changes for the next six years. Strategic planning is a thoughtful, ongoing process that involves multiple stakeholders and seeks to:

  1. clearly define the mission, vision, and shared values of our school district,
  2. establish realistic goals consistent with those principles, and
  3. develop a plan of action based on the school district’s capacity for implementation.

The process of planning can also produce a number of corollary benefits, including increased communication and teamwork as well as efficiencies and effectiveness.

To monitor our Strategic Plan, the EASD is using a model called Excellence By Design. Excellence by Design is a self‐study and accreditation protocol that uses strategic planning as a vehicle for growth and improvement in student performance and in the school’s capacity to effect that growth. The protocol, developed by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools (MSCSS) of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, links various planning and school growth and improvement efforts. Excellence by Design leads the school to establish objectives for improving student performance and organizational capacity based on its vision of a preferred future for its students. Therefore, Excellence by Design is a future‐oriented and visionary process. In addition, the protocol provides for a continuous review of programs and services and of the results of student performance. It also allows diverse constituent groups to participate in charting the future of the institution.

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