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Varsity E Summer Camp 

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Boys & Girls Cross Country 2014
Boys' team: EPC League Champs & League Meet Champs
Girls' team: EPC League Champs 

Boys-Girls XC Champ 2014.jpg


Director, James L. Pokrivsak Jr.,  May 2015

The Easton Area School District sponsors over fifty (50) athletic teams from grades seven through twelve inclusively. This range of athletic activities covers a diverse variety. The offerings are divided between 29 boys’ teams and 28 girls’ teams. The varsity level sponsors 13 boys’ and 13 girls’ teams. Thirty-one teams are on the sub-varsity levels. The sub-varsity level includes junior varsity, junior high and middle school activities.

Our school district has consistently tried to provide our student athletes with the best coaching, facilities, and equipment that any high school could hope to have. All of our athletic teams compete in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. All teams are members of Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (P.I.A.A.) District XI Region which encompasses either all or portions of seven counties in the northeastern part of the Commonwealth.

Our athletic history has been one of quality competition, outstanding success, and integrity. The Easton Area School District prides itself in combining athletic accomplishments with academic achievements.

The athletic department of our school district is an autonomous part of our district’s diverse academic and extra-curricular offerings. The athletic department of the Easton Area School District is managed by a full-time athletic director and two full-time secretaries. This department is responsible for the management of more than $1.2 million per year. This equates to less than 1% of the overall E.A.S.D. budget. We employ approximately 75 professional coaches and another 80+ volunteer coaches (attend daily practices, B.O.E. approved). Our athletic teams are composed of 1500+ boys and girls throughout grades 7 through 12.

The athletic department of the E.A.S.D. manages a complicated and complex range of responsibilities (officials, site preparation and management, spectator supervision, transportation, etc.), which involves, among other things, the scheduling of well over 1000 athletic events yearly.

This department assists in the responsibility for the scheduling of all indoor athletic gymnasiums as well as outdoor athletic fields for not only the school district, but also the local recreation boards as well as any other citizen groups who apply for the use of those buildings and grounds. Every one of our student athletes is monitored weekly for academic problems. This is required by Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association regulations and is strictly adhered to by our school district. If a student fails to pass the P.I.A.A. required major courses in any one given week, the student is rendered ineligible for the next week of athletic activities. Students are also required to pass a set number of major subjects per P.I.A.A. during each quarterly report period. Failure to do so renders them athletically ineligible for the next fifteen school days of a succeeding marking period. This also is required by P.I.A.A. regulations. Collegiate recruiters have found our student athletes to be a rich source of quality people for their programs. Many of our graduating seniors move on to collegiate athletic teams and are successful within all divisions.

The Easton area School District views extra-curricular activities in general, and sports, in particular, as a viable part of a student’s growth. The number of students that participate in them attests to the success of our athletic teams. Approximately 1 out 3 students in grades 7 through 12 participates in athletics. Much of our success goes to the quality of coaches that we have been able to attract to the E.A.S.D. as well as the priority that is given to extra-curricular activities by Central Administration.


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