Mr. john reinhart
610-250-2400 x35018

Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. Alyssa Emili
610-250-2400 x35032



Accountability and Assessment: Mr. Michael Koch
Director of Assessment & Accountability
610-250-2400 x35027

Auxillary Services:  Mr. Barry Cortez
Associate Director of Auxillary Services
610-250-2400 x35072

Athletic Office:  Mr. Jim Pokrivsak
Director of Athletics
610-250-2400 x13001

Business Office:  Mr. Michael Simonetta
Chief Operating Officer
610-250-2400 x35013

Business Office:  Ms. Jennifer Dally
610-250-2400 x35022

Business Office:  Pam Raymond
Payroll Officer
610-250-2400 x35019

Business Office:  Ms. Pat McWilliams
Purchasing Agent
610-250-2400 x35021
Human Resources:  Mr. John Castrovinci
Director of Human Resources
610-250-2400 x35057

Maintenance:  Mr. Timothy Case
Supervisor of Facilities Operations
610-923-8948 x23050

Security: Mr. John Remaley
Supervisor of Safe Schools
610-250-2400 x32029

Special Education:  Mrs. Jaime Vlasaty
Director of Special Education
610-250-2400 x35015

Special Education:  Mrs. Amy Braxmeier
Special Education Supervisor
610-250-2400 x35015

Special Education:  Ms. Kara Jasman
Special Education Supervisor 
610-250-2400 x35015

Special Education:  Mrs. Jillian Brodhead
Special Education Supervisor
610-250-2400 x35015 
Student Services: Mrs. Karen Trinkle
Director of Student Services
610-250-2400 x35072

Teaching & Learning: Ms. Angela DiVietro
Director, 6 - 12
610-250-2400 x35036

Teaching & Learning:  Ms. Tracy Piazza
Director, K - 5
610-250-2400 x35036

Education Technology Office:  Mrs. Anne McEntire
Supervisor of Education Technology K-8
610-250-2400 x35050

Education Technology Office: Ms. Lisa Manzo
Supervisor of Education Technology 9-12
610-250-2400 x32043 

Technology Office: Mrs. Susan Stem
Supervisor of Information Systems
610-250-2400 x35050

Transportation Mr. Ronald Pacchioli
Supervisor of Transportation
610-250-2563 x14000


Please visit the school websites for information on the principals in each school.